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REVIEW: L’Oréal Paris Bonjour Nudista ‘Awakening’ Skin Tint

RRP: £9.99

I don’t tend to wear a great deal of make up on a day to day basis – one because I work early shifts and who can be bothered to wake up at 5.30am to put make up on? Not me. Two, I’m not really that great at applying it. I’m always paranoid that I’ll leave thinking I look good in my bathroom light, then go on my way and have these streaky patches the minute the sun light glares down on me. No one has ever said this to me, mind, it’s just something us girls seem to worry about.

When I came across this skin tiny, it seemed very suitable for me as it is described as;

A nude skin tint that awakens the skin with a radiant finish. Infused with apricot oil, green tea extract and anti-oxidant vitamin E which feels weightless and hydrates skin.”

This product claims to have 92% of natural ingredients, leaving skin hydrated for up to 24 hours and protecting your skin from pollution. My skin is quite sensitive and dry so I was really excited to buy it because I hate being caked in super thick, heavy foundation.
This product comes in the shades of light, medium/light, medium and dark. I bought the light one because my skin is painfully light (I don’t get out much)

My experience

As I applied the product for the first time, the consistency was very similar to foundation, but as I started to blend it, it went further than foundation usually would as it started to thin out a little more. I could definitely feel the moisturising aspect, and it did feel very lightweight on my skin. It has a pleasant smell, but as it does contain alcohol, and I could definitely feel this on my very delicate face! Having said that, I really like how easy the product is to blend (I usually blend with my fingers).

These photos were taken around five minutes apart and neither have been edited in any way. I have no make up/ moisturiser or primer on. As you can see, in the first photo I have dark circles under my eyes (no matter how much sleep I get, damn you eczema) and a few blemishes. After the application in the second photo, you can see that the dark circles under my eyes are a lot lighter, and whilst my blemishes are still visible, the coverage isn’t too bad at all. This product would

be adequate enough for somebody like me who likes a natural look without looking to done up. Having said this, if you have oily or combination skin I think this product would feel too greasy – it was just enough on my dry skin but if you already have that bit of moisture, the product would not stay on your skin too long, even with powder. The shade I got was ‘light’ as I am fairly pale, but I think I could’ve gone with the medium shade as looking at the two photos comparably I seem to look even more pale after application!!

Quick, easy applicationToo greasy for oily skin
Reasonably pricedContains alcohol
Not too heavy on your skinLimited shades available
Natural finishNot much coverage


In the end, I found this product a little underwhelming. If you’re in a hurry and need just a little something for a small coverage, this product will suffice, but if you have the time I would recommend to use an actual foundation to get the coverage you may need. I am a little disappointed as I had high hopes for this product but it would be a little too greasy for most and too concentrated for delicate skin like mine.


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